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1 About Charging.

When your E-Pipe Battery Cell under low power and for recharging, when put the battery cell  into the charger with right direction for + and -  , sometimes, the indicator still show Green Color Altough you know the battery cell really low power,Pls  Roll the battery on the charger and make good touch and well connected with Metal of the charger, the charger indicator will turn Red for right charging.

2 About Coil and Connection

Some times, we have end users' feedback,when they received E-pipe and try to use, it hasn't vapor but Pipe Bowl body still light. that's the problem caused by 2 reasons:

1) Coil is damaged, due to our coil have cotton wick, if you don't refill e-liquid firstly and vaping, it will burned the coil for out of working. So pls refill e-liquid and waiting 2 minutes, then starting for vaping.

2) Cnnection is not well, you need check if atomizer base and Coil screw well, check Atomizer and Pipe Bowl screw well.

3 About Pipe Body for unstable working or always working

Few customer maybe meet the problem of the e-pipe body unstable working or alway working:

1) the e pipe is working even if we are not smoking. The light is always red and the coil is heating all the time. The only way to stop it is to put out the batteries.

2) Sometimes the light is working normally when you smokes but nothing happen. The coil is not heating and no smoke (make sure colis is ok and well connection with  atomizer base)

The Solving  way: Take the battery cell from pipe bowl and wash the pipe body by clean water again and again,then dry it under sunshine.


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